Thursday, June 16, 2011

BMW M5 Sedan car wallpapers gallery

The BMW M5 Sedan is 4855mm in length, 1846mm wide, has an all-embracing acme of 1469 mm, and its arena approval is N/Amm. With a kerb weight of 1855 kg, the car can bench 4 bodies comfortably. BMW M5 Sedan’s engine can run at a best ability of 507PS @7750rpm (PS@rpm)
New BMW M5 Sedan car wallpapers gallery
and a best torque of 520Nm @6100rpm (kgm@rpm). When it comes to mileage, it delivers 9.8 km/liter beneath optimal alley conditions, while on city-limits anchorage it offers 4.4 km/liter. The accomplished acceleration accomplished by this car is 250Km/Hour km/hour.


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